Community Room Rental Information & Policies


The Jasonville Public Library Board of Directors makes available the Community Room for rent by individuals and various community organizations.


Rental Information

-Renters must be 18 years of age or older to reserve the Community Room.  Renters must sign a reservation form, which holds them responsible for following all policies associated with the Community Room.  Renters are liable for any damage to the Community Room, furniture or equipment.  The Jasonville Public Library Board of Directors and staff are not liable for accidents, injuries, damages and/or the loss of property of/to the occupants.

-The fee for renting the Community Room is $50.00 cash, plus a $50.00 cash deposit.  Fees must be paid during the Library’s operating hours and at least three days before building rental.  The key can be picked up one day prior to rental date during Library operating hours.  The key is to be returned through the Library’s book return by 10PM on the day of the rental.

-The Library staff will inspect the Community Room following all rentals.  If the Community Room meets all policy requirements, renters will be able to pick up their $50.00 cash deposit during the Library’s next business day.  Deposits will be held at the Library for six months after rental date.  After six months, unclaimed deposits will be donated to the Friends of the Library.

-Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance and can be made up to six months in advance.  Same-day reservations can be made at the discretion of the Library staff.  All reservations will be handled by the Jasonville Public Library staff.  The Community Room will not be available for rent during JHS/SHS Homecoming weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun).  The Community Room will also not be available for rent from December 25 through January 1. 

-Regular hours for rental of the Community Room are 9AM to 10PM.

-Non-profit groups and organizations may use the Community Room once per month free of charge, at the discretion of the Jasonville Public Library Board of Directors.  Leaders of these groups and organizations are required to fill out a reservation form and make a $50.00 deposit once a year or if leadership changes.  If any equipment or furniture is damaged, the leaders of the group or organization are responsible for notifying and meeting with Library staff to discuss fees and damages.

Community Room Rules

-Children under the age of 18 must be under the direct supervision of the person or group renting the Community Room.

-Groups using the Community Room are responsible for returning furniture and equipment to its original locations (see diagram on kitchen wall) and leaving the room clean and in good condition.  NO ITEMS can be placed on the walls or taken off of the walls.  All trash is to be placed in the Library’s trash receptacle behind the building.  Upon leaving the building, make sure the lights are turned off and the doors are securely locked.

-The Community Room cannot be used for yard sales.

Use of the following items is prohibited in the Community Room:


-Illegal substances

-Tobacco products or smokeless tobacco products

-Alcoholic beverages

-Candles or other open flames

-Animals, except for service animals or animals that are part of a Library-approved program